Yonderland - Series 2

Sky 1 - July 2015 8 x 30mins


Debbie, ‘The Chosen One’ is thrown back into the fantastical world of Yonderland, constantly called upon by the Council of Elders to overcome their latest challenge.  But bigger issues are at stake now that Debbie’s nemesis ‘Imperatrix’ has determined to capture her, fulfil the prophecy and destroy Yonderland. Meanwhile Debbie’s husband Peter starts to fixate on the strange goings on in the kitchen cupboard as he becomes increasingly suspicious about her absences from home.

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“Yonderland consistently takes the best of two worlds. It looks incredible but is more concerned with gags and plot; and crucially, it will make kids and adults laugh together, at the same jokes. If you don’t have Sky, gather the family and descend on a household that does.” – Radio Times

“Yonderland is a boundary-bashing family fantasy that brings handmade humour back to TV. From an audience point of view, though. Yonderland might simply provide what there isn’t enough of on TV: high-quality family comedy that manages to make both children and adults laugh” – The Times