London Screen Academy

The London Screen Academy (LSA) is a state-funded sixth form academy in Islington for young people of all backgrounds who are passionate about film + TV and the stories they tell. LSA students train in behind the camera skills and learn about the wider cultural context surrounding storytelling and filmmaking through a two year, vocational curriculum.


Across the world the screen industries are rapidly expanding. Britain is celebrated as a world leader in this field and the majority of work across film and television is based in London. The exceptional growth in these industries has created many recognised skills shortages and therefore great employment opportunities now and in the future. 


As a school community, the goal at LSA is to create stories that change the world – this starts with changing the storytellers. With LSA, students can graduate prepared or ‘set ready’, progressing to either a career in the screen industries, to higher education or taking the skills they’ve learned to succeed in other professions.

“As Founders we believe that everyone who has a passion for film-making should have the opportunity for a career behind the camera in one of the many jobs in the screen industries. We want to make the seemingly inaccessible film and television worlds accessible. We believe that our workforce should better reflect the diversity and cultural richness of the city in which we live.”

Tim Bevan, Co-Chairman of Working Title Films

“LSA will create a level playing field of opportunities for young people across London to learn about film and television production and will ensure that future workforces in these industries represent the face of London. We will teach LSA students as much as we can, about as much as we can, in the 2 years they have at LSA.”

Eric Fellner, Co-Chairman of Working Title Films

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