BBC One and WGBH, January 2012 2 x 90 mins


Sebastian Faulks’ epic love story set against the First World War, which became a modern classic when it was published in 1993, is adapted for the screen for the first time by Abi Morgan.

The action of the two part serial moves between 1910 and 1916,  telling the story of Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman who arrives in Amiens in Northern France to stay with the Azaire family and falls desperately in love with Isabelle Azaire.  They begin an illicit and all-consuming affair, but the relationship falters.  Years later, Stephen finds himself serving on the Western Front in the very area where he experienced his great love. As he battles amidst the blood and gore of the trenches he meets Jack Firebrace, a tunneller who unexpectedly helps him endure the ravages of war and enables him to make peace with his feelings for Isabelle.

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Includes special features on The War Story, The Love Story and a look behind the scenes of the production.

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