United 93


Synopsis Cast & Crew

UNITED 93 tells the story of 9/11 through a meticulous re-enactment of events surrounding United Airlines 93, the last of the four aircraft hijacked on the morning of September 11th 2001, in the belief that by examining this single event something much larger can be found - the shape of our world today. Made with the full support of the families of those on board, UNITED 93 will track in real time the dramatic story of what happened inside the aircraft as well as on the ground, as passengers, crew, civilian air traffic controllers and military command centres struggle to make sense of an unimagined and unimaginable crisis. Paul Greengrass has explored the subject of terrorism many times in his film making career, most recently in 'Bloody Sunday' (2002), a documentary recreation of a momentous 1972 Civil Rights march in Northern Ireland. 'Bloody Sunday' was hailed by critics as a devastating portrayal of the moral vacuum caused by terrorism and won prizes around the world including the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and The Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Last year he directed the box office hit 'The Bourne Supremacy' for Universal Pictures. Greengrass said "9/11 was unique - the most important event of our lifetime, casting a shadow over all our futures. It's vital for cinema to begin the task of exploring what it meant, and what it continues to mean today. Hopefully UNITED 93 will be a worthy contribution to that process."


Lewis Alsamari Saeed Al Ghamdi
Olivia Thirlby Nicole Carol Miller
Chip Zien Mark Rothenberg
Cheyenne Jackson Mark Bingham
Jodie Lynne McClintock Marion R. Britton
Corey Johnson Louis J. Nacke II
Lorna Dallas Linda Gronlund
Kate Jennings Grant Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas
Tara Hugo Kristin White Gould
Jay Oliva John Talignani
Rebecca Schull Patricia Cushing
Michael J Reynolds Patrick Joseph Driscoll
Daniel Sauli Richard Guadagno
Jamie Harding Ahmed Al Nami
Omar Berdouni Ahmed Al Haznawi
Khalid Abdalla Ziad Jarrah
Richard Bekins William Joseph Cashman
Liza Colon – Zayas Waleska Martinez
Masato Kamo Toshiya Kuge
Alan Basche Todd Beamer
Christian Clemenson Thomas E. Burnett Jr.
Ray Charleson Joseph Deluca
Peter Herman Jeremy Glick
Peter Marinker Andrew Garcia
Simon Poland Alan Anthony Beaven
Trish Gates Sandra Bradshaw
Starla Benford Wanda Anita Green, Flight Attendant
Nancy Mcdoniel Lorraine G. Bay
Opal Alladin Ceecee Lyles
Polly Adams Deborah Welsh, Flight Attendant
Gary Commock First Officer Leroy Homer Jr
J J Johnson Captain Jason M. Dahl
Erich Redman Christian Adams
Leigh Zimmerman Christine Snyder
Denny Dillon Colleen Fraser
Becky London Jean Hoadley Peterson
Susan Blommaert Jane Folger
Chloe Sirene Honor Elizabeth Wainio
Libby Morris Hilda Marcin
Marceline Hugot Georgine Rose Corrigan
John Rothman Edward P. Felt
Tom O’Rourke Donald Peterson
David Rasche Donald Freeman Greene
Trieste Dunn Deora Frances Bodley


Paul Greengrass Director
Clare Douglas Editor
Dinah Collin Costume Designer
Liz West Script Supervisor
Dan Hubbard Casting Director
John Hubbard Casting Director
Amanda Mackey Casting Director
Barry Ackroyd Director Of Photography
Dominic Watkins Production Designer
Lloyd Levin Producer
Eric Fellner Producer
Tim Bevan Producer
Keith Hatcher Location Manager

Paul Greengrass wins Best Director BAFTA

12th February 2007

Paul Greengrass was last night awarded with the Best Director BAFTA for 'United 93.'

'United 93' wins Critics' Circle Film of the Year

9th February 2007

'United 93' was last night names Film of the Year by London Film Critics' Circle.

International trailer

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