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Ready for ACTION! 2014

Applications are now closed

We have now notified all successful applicants for our Action! 2014 shortlist.  Thank you all for your interest in Working Title Films, it has been a real pleasure to read your applications! 

Check back in December of 2014 for information and details of Action! 2015.

Kind regards, 

The Action! Co-ordinator

Current and previous interns

Abigail Manson
Cassie Metcalf-Slovo
Jonny Ruff
Shadi Hamta
Sofiane Hassani
Tilly Coulson
Will Johnston
Rosanna Eden-Ellis
Peter Spencer
Gavin Mehrtens
Nick Hatton
Emma Sturgis
Diarmuid Hughes
Nick Luddington
Fiona Forsgate
Edward Simmons